Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Train

Hello people of the world. Here is my first short story, let me know what you think.

She never knew sex could be any different. Mandy settled down in bed after a routine love making session with Kevin, her partner of a year and a half. She thought she was happy with him- they lived together in their slightly shabby excuse for a flat in east London, plodding along in their shared existence. True they loved each other, in a banal sort of way, and yes there were close times- intimate times. Very rarely though, was there excitement. The sex was decent, the same as their lives really; routine, comfortable. She would lie down and settle into the bed and he would begin stroking her shoulder, her chest, his hands slipping ever lower. Eventually resting, of course, on her underwear- he would usually make little circles around her clit with his fingers until he felt her getting wet, then he would climb on top and pump away for about ten minutes. Sometimes there would be kissing, sometimes if she actually fancied an orgasm that night she might rub her clit herself so that she actually had the outside chance of coming before he finished. Usually she would come, which would without fail make him come too, and they would both collapse and fall asleep. Even when she didn’t climax there was still some sense of satisfaction in feeling his orgasm ripple through his body- at least she was doing something right.

Tonight, though, she was restless.  The calmness and exhaustion that orgasm usually brought was refusing to fall over her, and she couldn’t understand why. Work was fine, home was fine, and Kevin was fine. What was missing?

She showered and dressed for work as usual the next morning, still with this restless feeling in her belly. Mandy continued with the routine- breakfast, teeth brushed and a kiss on the cheek for Kevin before leaving for the train station. She waited as usual for the 8.20 train to Waterloo, barely noticing the people around her. They all crammed onto the train, shuffling forwards and rallying for pole position next to the doors. It was then that she noticed who was standing next to her- a tall man, almost a foot taller than her 5 foot 5 inches, with wide shoulders and although she couldn’t tell with his jacket on, she could imagine some pretty impressive muscles hiding beneath that fabric. Wearing a black suit and light blue shirt with a tie, he looked like any other businessman you might see on a train headed to the centre of London. The difference was in his face- not only was he handsome, with his big brown eyes and floppy hair, but his face told her he was looking forward to the day. He had a sense of excitement in his face, a sort of glint in his eye that most lack at this time of the morning. She studied him intently, he was very attractive and almost hypnotising to her, standing there in all his tall-ness and brown eye-d glory. He looked up from his paper and smiled at her, although it was not just a smile... it was deeper than that. He seemed not only to look at her, but through her. It gave Mandy goose bumps. She had to talk to him; she needed to hear what this handsome stranger sounded like.

‘Have you got the time?’ She asked, meekly. He smiled again and looked down at his watch.

‘Half past eight’ he replied. His voice was deliciously deep, with a hint of an American accent. He returned his eyes to his paper. Mandy felt disappointed. She was drawn to this man, for whatever reason, it seemed wrong that she initiated contact and nothing had happened- her instincts were usually so reliable. ‘Ah well,’ she thought to herself, ‘as if a man like that would ever be interested in me... plus, I have Kevin.’ Still, her mind couldn’t help but wander. He was so LARGE. A man like that could lift her up and throw her on a bed with ease. Her eyes moved across from her iPod to his chest, and then to his hands (they were men’s hands and no mistaking. Big, strong looking hands.) And now a quick glance at his crotch... was that a movement? She looked up and saw he was staring at her- ‘oh God he’s seen me, shit I was staring at his cock!’ She looked away immediately and busied herself with her phone. ‘Fuck, what must he think of me?!’ She glanced across from her phone once more. He was still staring. She had never been looked at that way before- it was as if he could see right through her boring clothes to the skin underneath, and he liked what he saw. Her heart raced. ‘Oh God, oh God what is this?’ She returned to her phone, hoping that no one had noticed this steamy exchange. The train halted at the next station and more commuters piled in. She was pushed right to the corner of the standing part of the carriage, all of the passengers facing the doors opposite with their backs to her. She then noticed that the man was standing directly behind her. He was touching her-  one hand on her hip, and the other had dropped his paper and was moving her hair away from her neck.

‘Hello again’ he whispered. There go those goose bumps again. She wanted to say something back, explain that she had a partner at home, that she was taken, but somehow the words did not come to her. She could feel his hard on pressing into the small of her back, oh how she wanted to touch it, to grab hold of it and hear that deep voice moan. His hand was moving down now. ‘Oh God he mustn’t, no he mustn’t feel how wet I am! If his fingers go there I won’t be able to say no’. He bent down slightly and touched her thigh, his hand slowly moving upward toward her soaked cunt. Her mind knew she should stop him, but her body wouldn’t let her. Sex never felt this good, this exciting. His hands were both up her skirt now, pulling down her pants just enough that when he reached around with his right hand his finger could slide all the way back and enter her. She felt his cock jump in its clothed cage when he encountered her wetness, and she could take it no longer, she had to touch him. She reached behind her and placed her hand on his hard cock, and he let out a tiny, deep growl in her ear. That noise stirred something in her, but at the same time scared her- ‘shit, did anyone hear that?’ But no, the other passengers were far too deep in their own thoughts to notice their little show. He had two fingers buried deep insider her pussy now, slowly moving in and out, and whilst he did this he thrusted his crotch up and down against her hand in the same rhythm.  Mandy couldn’t believe how amazing it felt. Then his fingers stopped moving in and out, and instead he pushed them both deep inside and wiggled them, quickly back and forth. Now it was Mandy’s turn to moan. ‘Oh god, why does that feel so good?’ Her pussy was aching for more, and her own wetness was beginning to run down her legs. Then the train came to a stop again.

‘Oh fuck, my stop’ whispered the man, withdrawing his fingers and moving away. ‘Please’, he said in her ear, ‘please, come with me?’ Mandy didn’t want to break the tension... to reply would spoil the moment so she stayed quiet, pulled up her pants and looked straight into his eyes. She was willing him to take her somewhere, anywhere, and finish what he started. He began to move away, and for one horrible moment she thought he was going to leave her there, all wet and shivering, but at the last second he grabbed her hand and pulled her off the train with him, quickly and without saying a word. He whisked her off the platform, out of the station and into a taxi.

‘The Ritz, please’ he ordered the driver, without a single moment’s hesitation. ‘Oh lord, what am I doing? Who is this man? I’m such an idiot!’ he pulled her towards him in the back of the taxi, his movement interrupting her thoughts, and with those strong manly hands of his he turned her head towards his and kissed her, deeply, so she felt it from her lips to her toes. She moaned again, and he took her hand and placed it over his zipper so she could feel his hard on inside, waiting to be unleashed. They kissed for the entirety of the journey, about ten minutes or so. It was urgent kissing, the most passionate that Mandy had ever experienced- she had no idea that anyone could get this wet. They arrived at the Ritz without a word passing either or their lips, and the man paid the driver and once again took her by the hand, leading her to the reception desk, where he asked for a room. Mandy’s mind was racing. She was in an expensive hotel with a stranger, a nameless man who had more attraction and animal magnetism than any man she had ever met. He kissed her again as they waited for the room, his tongue darting in and out of her mouth, his hand pressing her hips against his. They were shown to the room, and the man led her inside.

Mandy froze for a moment and stared at him, this huge beast of a man with the bulge in his trousers, begging her with his eyes to release his cock from its fabric prison. He walked towards her, purposefully, and picked her up in one swift motion- she instinctively wrapped her legs around him and moaned as she felt his hard on press against her clit. He took her to the bed, laid her down, and pulled down her skirt and pants together, pausing for a moment to simply look at her pussy. He undressed himself, leaving his boxers on (‘oh God I can see his cock, oh it’s so big’) and he parted her legs with purpose and kissed her thighs. Mandy’s skin tingled and her cunt responded to the touch of his lips. He was making little growling noises as he got closer to her wetness, she loved that noise. When his kisses got to her clit she jumped, he licked her engorged little bud, making circles around it then using his whole flat tongue and licking up and down- Mandy moaned and writhed on the bed. Kevin never went down on her anymore; she had forgotten how much she loved that feeling of a tongue on her pussy. He stopped licking, and moved up to kiss her again. He tasted of her wetness, which only aroused her even more. She began pulling down those boxers- she had to see his cock now, she had to touch it. He finished what she had started and kicked his underwear off, his 8 inch cock standing straight up. He bent over again and kissed her deeply, she pushed him away, looked him in the eyes and whispered

‘Just fuck me, please, I can’t wait anymore I have to have you inside me.’

Then, finally, he thrusted his whole length insider her, and she cried out with pleasure, her whole body tensing. He moved slowly at first, sliding in and out of her cunt and moaning softly with each thrust- she loved the feeling of this big strong man on top of her, his back, his arms, his cock filling her pussy so perfectly. Then he moved across and pulled her on top of him. Mandy usually hated being the cowgirl. She wasn’t the most confident woman, and disliked her body being on show, but somehow with this man none of that mattered. It felt so good and he looked at her as if she was a goddess. So she began to bounce up and down on his cock, rocking her hips as she went so that her clit rubbed against him. He was moaning louder now, his eyes open and staring straight into hers, occasionally glancing down at her breasts, or to watch her pussy engulf his manhood. Mandy was moaning herself now- she wasn’t usually very vocal in bed, but she couldn’t help it, she had never felt this level of pleasure before.

Now the man pushed her backwards, gently but boldly, and moved up so that he was over her once more. This time though he took hold of her ankles and lifted her legs up towards the ceiling, her feet together. He entered her again, but now it felt different- it felt incredible. He thrusted hard and fast, and she couldn’t help but cry out with every movement, it felt so good. ‘This must be my g-spot, I had no idea it could be this good!’ His face was a picture, an expression of pure pleasure, his eyes closed now and his head back. She could tell he was getting close- and so was she. He leant forward slightly now, looked into her eyes and thumbed her clit as he thrusted.

‘Oh fuck!’ she cried, as soon as he touched her she could feel her orgasm rising inside her.

‘oh my god, oh I’m coming’ he moaned, he leant back and fucked her so fast, and his mouth dropped open as his own orgasm took over him. As she felt his cock twitch insider her Mandy succumbed too- her pussy seemed to explode and she had stars in her eyes as she felt her climax move through her entire body. They both writhed and shook as they came together, and the man collapsed on top of her, kissing her neck as his hot come leaked out of her cunt.

They lay there together for a few minutes, panting and throbbing, kissing gently and still sighing with the contentment that climax brings. Mandy’s mind was finally blank- she revelled in this, she hadn’t felt this sort of satisfaction in a very long time. They eventually left each other’s arms and dressed, each glancing at one another now and then, sharing the odd cheeky smile.

‘You know, I never do this’ said the man, looking at Mandy.

‘Nor do I. Really. I’m sure everyone says that but it’s true.’

‘I’m Steven’ he finally confessed,

‘Mandy’ she replied, and smiled.

‘It was nice to meet you Mandy’ Steven said, smiling back at her-those penetrating eyes staring straight through her again. He walked towards her, a business card on his outstretched hand. ‘Call me, please?’He kissed her once more, and left.

Mandy flopped backwards onto the bed. Her cunt was still throbbing, and her legs were shaking uncontrollably. She could still feel his come on her thighs.

‘I will’ she announced to the empty room. ‘I think I will’.

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