Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The card

Here is my next installment- I've decided to keep the character of Mandy going, writing her into different situations. All comments, good or bad, are more than welcome!

Mandy awoke with a start and glanced at the clock. 6.30, it read, perfect timing. Steven was asleep beside her; she stroked his hair, pushing it out of his eyes, and lingered there for a moment. Then she arose, dressed and moved into the hotel bathroom to splash water on her face. She stared at herself in the mirror- ‘I can’t believe I’m this person’ she said to her reflection, gloomily.

‘You’re up early’ came a voice from the doorway. Steve’s smooth North American accent was so seductive.

‘Work’ she replied, monosyllabically. The more she talked to him the more she wanted to fuck him, so in an attempt to keep her pants on she tried to keep the conversation short in the mornings.

‘What sort of work? You know, we make love every other week and I know nothing about you.’

‘I thought that was part of the arrangement’ Mandy retorted, coldness in her voice. ‘No last names, no personal information. And we don’t make love, we fuck. There’s a difference’. Mandy was touchy this morning. Despite her feelings for Steven (she did like him very much- though to say she loved him would be going a little too far, she thought) she hated herself for what she was doing to Kevin, and unfortunately  she was taking it out on this handsome, naked man in front of her, his morning glory in full show. It amused her than he preferred to be naked than dressed. She wished she was as comfortable with her own body as he was with his.

‘I know that’s what we agreed when we started this’ He moved towards her as he spoke, and she couldn’t help but watch his big cock swaying to and fro with his movement ‘but things are different now...for me anyway’. He was standing behind her now, watching her in the mirror as she put her earrings in. He wrapped his muscular arms around her and kissed her neck gently, sending shivers all over Mandy’s body. She stepped aside and pushed him away.

‘Well it’s no different for me. I’d rather you stuck to our arrangement if I’m honest.’  She walked past him and returned to the bedroom, plonking herself on the edge of the bed and busying herself with her handbag. All she could think about was Kevin- ‘poor Kevin, I need to end it with him’ she mused to herself. She sensed Steven crawl onto the bed behind her, and she felt that familiar sensation building up inside her as he moved closer. ‘I really shouldn’t, I’ll be horribly late’ she thought, moving further down the bed, away from him- but he was nothing if not persistent. He pulled her backwards, and she succumbed to his touch. Mandy was lying on the bed now, Steven leaning over her- his arms huge with muscle and his face bearing the most sexy of expressions. He kissed her. His kisses were the deepest and sexiest that she had ever felt. As his lips pressed against hers she felt her cunt stir and her clit twitch with excitement. She may even have let out a moan.

Steven parted her legs now, and despite her morning meeting Mandy didn’t stop him- she never could. The panties came off, the legs were in the air and Steven’s perfect cock was inside her once more. Her g-spot was swollen and it felt so damn good, Steven’s eyes staring into her own. She loved the look he got on his face during sex- a look of pleasure and sheer naughtiness she had never seen before she met him.

‘Oh God, I love your tight pussy so much’ He growled at her. She loved to hear that word- pussy. It turned her on even more and she moaned into his ear in response. He moved out of her now, pulled her roughly to the edge of the bed and picked her up, her wetness smearing onto his belly as her cunt pressed up against him. He took her to the desk and placed her down, swiping off his papers and the glass lamp which belonged to the hotel. Mandy giggled at his passion, she loved a man who threw caution to the wind like this. He pulled her towards him and entered her again, making her gasp as he slid his entire 8 inches into her aching pussy. He fucked her hard this time, and boy did it feel good. Faster and faster he thrusted, Mandy fingering her clit as he did so, feeling her muscles starting to contract as she got close to orgasm. Steven saw the climax building in her face and withdrew. Mandy knew why- he wouldn’t let her cum yet. He spun her around and pushed her hard onto the desk, her fully clothed chest pressed hard to the table top. He held her by the hair and pushed his manhood deep inside her from behind, pulling her ponytail backwards and grunting with each thrust. He had become much more forceful lately, and Mandy loved it. He spanked her bare cheeks as he moved in and out, making her cry out and bringing her even closer to orgasm.

‘Oh fuck, oh fuck I’m gonna shoot my hot load into your wet cunt baby, oh!’

‘Don’t stop, I’m so close!’ He moved even faster as he neared his own climax, and moaned louder and louder. This tipped Mandy over the edge- ‘Oh yes, I’m coming baby, come with me! Shoot that load and fill my pussy!’ Mandy’s orgasm rippled through her cunt, her clit and then her entire body. She felt Stevens cock twitch and heard him shout out as he came too, and she revelled in that delicious warm feeling of his come shooting into her.

Mandy called Kevin from work, once she finally tore herself away from the strong, naked man in the hotel room. She told him that she felt bored and unsatisfied, that she loved him, but it wasn’t enough. He took it better than she thought, telling her he would move out of the flat the following week- it was her flat after all. She felt relief when the call ended, and it surprised her. Mandy had been with Kevin for years, and she imagined that the end of their relationship would at least bring a sense of melancholy to her. Instead she simply felt excited. She rifled through her Handbag for the card that Steven had placed in her hand earlier, finding it and flipping it through her fingers. It was not a usual business card; bare on the front apart from a phone number- no information, no name. On the back were the 5 words that Steven had scribbled there this morning. She thought she understood what all this meant, but she wasn’t sure. Somehow that just made it more exciting. She typed the number into her phone, and listened.

‘Operator’ barked a voice from the other end of the line.

‘Female, straight’ she stated, as Steven had instructed her.

‘Please hold’ the voice demanded. Mandy’s heart was racing, listening for the next voice. She knew what she was meant to do, Steven had told her that, too.

‘Hello?’ it was a deep male voice, with a slight northern accent- possibly Yorkshire. Mandy took a deep breath and, with much trepidation, spoke the words on the back of the card.

‘What are you doing tonight?’

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  1. Elizabeth, Mark, and I kept things low key from my husband, as well as from each other. Me and Mark would have phone sex with each other on regular occasions and even Skyped once. Elizabeth and I would talk about how much we needed to sneak away from our men for some girl time. This had to be done, and soon; I was going insane from the anticipation. We came up with a plan to ditch work one day and play. Read full story here